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Throwback: Tony Tetuila ft Pastor Goody Goody – My Car

Anthony Olanrewaju Awotoye aka Tony Tetuila has always had a passion for singing and entertaining. He had always wanted to sing right from his days in secondary school. He didn’t get the chance to demonstrate his love of music however until he got to the Federal Polytechnic at Offa, Kwara State, where he had been admitted to study Business Administration.

He got involved in the promotion of musical shows on campus. He would invite Lagos DJs to come and disc jockey @ his poly along with underground artists to come do their thing He would later take to the stage himself alongside Idris, a DJ & MC. They met Eddy and formed the Hip-Hop group Remedies.

Tony left the group a short while after they dropped their hit single “Sakomo” and released his debut album in 1999 called “Morning Time” which had hits like Omode Meta” on it. He signed up to Kennis Music and released the album My Car in 2001. The impact of the 1st single “My Car” was hard making Tony Tetuila an instant star. Even without the vocal range, he had delivered a monster hit which fetched many music awards & nominations.

My Car” is a funny track about a guy whose car gets hit 3ce on the same day and the concept was based on true events that happened to him (not the Tinubu part sha!) His car got hit twice within the space of 2 days; it was at a time he had no doe and was out looking for people to raise him when suddenly he heard a bang. When they both came out, the other guy started speaking grammar and he said ‘Ah Oyinbo repete o, you have to fix my car.’ And thus the chorus was formed.

Tony’s still dropping albums and is still very active in the music industry. I love the song, the humour and Pastor Goody Goody’s raga part. I’m sure this will bring smiles to your face. Especially those spectacles!

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