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Throwback: Remedies – Shakomo (Audio+Video)

In 1997, after the dwindling success of the Yo-Pop genre, Rapper Eedris Abdulkareem, Crooner  Edward Ashiedu-Brown aka Eddy ‘Remedy’ Montana & Entertainer  Anthony Olanrewaju Awotoye aka Tony Tetuila made Nigerian Hip-Hop history by dropping the historical smash single “Sakomo” to pioneer the Afro Hip-Hop culture that is in Nigeria today. Collectively the trio were known as Remedies

Although the song sampled MC Lyte’s “Keep On” beats, the song still had originality and creativity all over it utilising a musical genre that incorporated the best of Western rap and hip hop with Nigerian slangs and sounds …complete with memorable lines like ‘Do Dudu Dudu/Gimme some Fufu’(???)The track marked the beginning of hip-hop revolution in Nigeria. In truth, their success opened the doors for many.

The group dropped another single “Judile” before Tony Tetuila left to become a solo artist based on irreconcilable differences. The duo kept the name Remedies and in 1998 got signed unto the new label created by Kenny Ogungbe and Mr Dayo Adeneye called Kennis Music. Their former group member also got signed on as a solo artist. The split helped to create the 1st Hip-Hop beef in Nigeria as Tony Tetuila still bitter with the split went on to release the madt (© Saucekid) “Omode Meta” which featured Plantashun Boiz & Ruff, Rugged & Raw

Remedies went ahead to release their debut and only album “Peace Nigeria in 1999 which became a runaway success. They were the new sensation all over Nigeria with crooner Eddy Montana even getting hitched to Kenny St Brown Ogunbe.

The group Remedies broke up in 2000 after both artists secured solo contracts with their label – Kennis Music. The group that had so much to offer didn’t just have enough time to deliver.

Individually they all became superstars (hmm.. apart from maybe Eddy) with even Eedris being voted in 2002 to carry the Olympic torch as a Nigerian Representative along with Pat Utomi & Segun Odegbami. Eedris & Tony still remain active in today’s music industry with Eedris coming back to the Kennis Music Label and dropping an album in 2010. Eddie’s last contribution to music was his “Leave Eddie Alone” album way back in 2004 and in 2008, I read an interview on him @ saying he wanted to stage a comeback.

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