Delta State-born music maestro Oritsebemigho Pupa Wiliki aka  Oritz Wiliki worked with great artists like Majek Fashek, Ras Kimono, Mandators, Alex O, Black 7 before dazing Nigeria with his prophetic debut album Tribulation in 1989. Since then there hasn’t been a dull moment in his career, as he has not only released eight other successful albums, but has also worked his way into being one of Nigeria’s most visible reggae artistes. A genre he believes Hip-Hop & Dancehall are offshoots from.

Grand Pupa, the self -acclaimed Koleman revolutionaire who is a staunch member of the Baptist church, started singing in the church choir when he was only eight years old, “and from then I knew I was going to be a musician.” His dad Reverend J. I Wiliki who was a missionary and a very good instrumentalist – who thrived on the organ and accordion – encouraged him and his siblings until his death.

He was one of the few artistes that stayed back in Nigeria to face the challenges in the music industry, while his contemporaries scampered abroad for greener pastures.

In the mid nineties, he dropped one of the most creative Nigerian videos ever for “Heart of Stone” and People were mesmerized. This track stood out from his other songs and even other songs on the airwaves because it infused Rap with Reggae, the result a smash hit which still gets my head bopping till this day.

He went on self imposed sabbatical over fifteen years and dropped an album in 2008 called the “Double Shark Attack

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He is still very active in the music industry and I believe his music will be evergreen.

Oritz Wiliki – Heart Of Stone