Kris Okotie is as big as they come! In an era where everyone had to be in a band, he decided to go solo thereby pioneering the way for solo acts.

Kris Okotie was born June 16, 1959 to Francis Idje and Cecilia Okotie, in Ethiope-West, Delta State (then Bendel State). As a growing child, he always loved to sing. While in secondary school at Edo College, Benin City, he belonged to the school’s Music Club and usually entertained groups of people. He never considered commercialising his talent until his first year at the University, when his father died.

Coming from a polygamous family, he knew he would have to become a breadwinner and the only thing he knew was music. He submitted his demo tape to iconic producer – Odion Iruoje.

In 1980, he got signed to Phonodisk and released his mammoth debut album “I Need Someone”.Mr Odion even arranged for one of the hottest bands at the time – BLO, to do his backup and was also nice enough to give him his jacket to use in his album photo-shoot. The massive single “I Need Someone” was refreshingly different and extremely melodious and was something everyone could sing to due to its simple and  straightforward lyrics. The success of the song paved the way for other Pop artists to be heard and accepted quickly.

Kris Okotie knocked out 2 more LPs and helped produce his younger sister – Lorine Okotie’s “Single Girl” before returning to the University of Nigeria, Nsukka to complete his law degree. He left at the height of his pop music success to go to Bible school in the USA and afterwards in 1987, he started the Household of God Ministry in 1987.

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In June, 2010, he announced  that he would be running for President for a 3rd time (3rd time lucky) after losing to President Olusegun Obasanjo and President Umaru Yar’Adua (RIP) in the May 2003 & May 2007 elections respectively.

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