The dynamic duo of best friends – Okechukwu ‘Junior’ Azike(RIP) and Nmachukwu ‘Pretty’ Okafor were the 1st rap group to garner  massive commercial success in the 9ja music scene. Junior & Pretty, both from Imo State, got signed untoStorm Productions (now Storm Records) in 1989 after winning a rap competition called roadblock.

In late 1991, Junior & Pretty with their Afro Rap genre of Pidgin English rap dropped their 1stsingle “Monika” and in 1992, went ahead to drop their rap album “Fufu Flavour” which was said to have sold well over a million copies. They later signed unto giants Premier Music to drop 2 more albums in which their 2nd biggest hit “Bolanle” was in. “Monika”  told the funny tales of a city boy who got married to a local bush girl called Monika and his misfortunes.

Junior & Pretty were role models to the youth as they didn’t do drugs and instead chose to invest their money wisely on properties and business ventures even with their ghetto humble beginnings. In 2004, Junior sadly passed away due to injuries he sustained from a motorcycle accident. He was married with two kids. The two friends were a team from 1986 to 2004 when Junior died. Pretty went on to start his own entertainment company and remains active in the industry till today.

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