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Throwback: Harry Mosco – Sugar Cane Baby

Harry Mosco Agada was the leader of The Funkees, one of the foremost rock bands in post-civil war Nigeria. He and the band travelled to London in 1973, where they released two hit albums but broke up by 1977.

He released his debut LP Country Boy (Mr. Funkees) on Tabansi in 1978. Mosco spent the next 5 years in London producing and recording albums (Peace & Harmony”, Step On/Sexy Dancer”, “Sugar Cane Baby”) with variety of Nigerian and British musicians

He returned to Nigeria in 1983, and after releasing theHeartbreak LP, he pretty much hung up his guitar and dedicated himself to running a label and a still-popular recording studio, both bearing his name.

The calypso influenced smash hit “Sugar Cane Baby” is still a party favourite. His son Chike Nosa Agada aka Chykay is definitely following his dad’s footsteps as a talented R&B singer & a good songwriter.

Harry Mosco – Sugar Cane Baby



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