Felix Lebarty’s journey into music was definitely ordained. His elder brother – Aigbe, was the practising musician of the family; And all members of the family had no choice but to assist him one way or the other in his music endeavours. The young Felix was not left out. With time, he developed interest in music and began to aspire to make a career of it.

Between 1978 to 1981, Felix Lebarty had already become active in the music scene with a lot of guitar credits in albums of most of the Known Pop Acts – Chukwudi Nwafor’s Ihu N’AnyaEmma Ogosi’s Nobody KnowsThe (4) ApostlesMoving Time”George Ema’s Sweeter Than Honey

The experience of  trying to release an album of his own at the beginning, was frustrating for him. His 1st and 2nd efforts didn’t even see the light of day. Same for the 3rd which was released by music giant, EMI, but wasn’t well-publicised. So, it didn’t make the expected impact. He got noticed by new Pop Sensation  Kris Okotie & Producer Odion Iruoje who swiftly recruited him to play guitar alongside BLO on Kris Okotie’s debut album “I Need Someone”. They agreed to sign him up as Kris Okotie’s first artist on his newly established label but when the label kept pushing back his 4th effort, Lebarty opted to sign up with Chief Tabansi and get produced by another Iconic 80s Producer Jake Sollo (Nkem Okonkwo) who heard the 4th effort and was interested in it.


Tabansi Records began working on the songs all over; Sollo travelled with the young Lebarty and got the album  “Lover Boy” recorded in the UK. The song & album became a nationwide sensation and a star had been born; He had achieved stardom at a very tender age.

At this young age, Lebarty quickly grew accustomed to the name Lover Boy and lived his life by it – living on the fast lane breaking every ladies’ hearts he came across while ending up releasing a song for any lady he fell in love with – “Chichi”, “Ada” & “Ngozi”. He became a Dad for 6 or 7 children from different women and never denied them child support. He released 2 more albums “Bobo” & “Lover Boy ‘83” under the guidance of Jack Sollo to solidify his .

After Jack Sollo’s untimely death in a 1985 motor accident and the world in his pocket, Lebarty got bitten by the American bug in 1986. His reason: “When you are successful, you look for a better channel to develop yourself.” And as far as he was concerned, the USA was the next bus stop in his life. He travelled to USA and got the America-based Holman Sounds to produce the album “African Boy” which would prove to be a total failure. Before long, he was running out of cash. While continuing his music hustles, he took up the odd job of cab driving, later owning a number of cabs.

In 1989, he released his biggest hit ever – about a girl called “Ifeoma” whom in the song he wanted to marry. The song was an anthem and was on the album One Life To Live which he produced himself. In 1992, he released a 6th album for Nigeria called “419” which wasn’t received too well. That year, he eventually admitted that his USA dream was just what it was, a dream. He came home, turned his life around and gave his life to Christ. He is now a Pastor and remains strong friends with Pastor Chris Okotie & Chief Tabansi.

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