Alex Zitto is a household name in Nigerian music. One can even say he attained legendary status in the Nigerian music industry. The half Nigerian, half Ghanian singer first professional shot at music was in the early 80s when he was enlisted by another Nigerian music legend Evangelist Ebenezer Obey to become the bassist (bass guitar) for his famous Miliki Band.

In 1988, Alex Zitto won the Lekki Song Contest with his debut hit song “Tickle Me” which launched him unto bigger things. He got signed to the PolyGram International recording label and recorded his debut album with same name “Tickle Me“. The album was a huge success and the following year, he released his sophomore album “Walakolombo” which made him a household name in Nigeria. At that point, he was one of the most listened-to and sought-after Nigerian musicians. The massive hit single “Walakolombo” with his reggae laden vibes infused with RnB & a bit of calypso is still a crowd favourite till date. Go on! Press play after reading this.

I loved the video to bits back then with the hot chicks playing guitars like they were playing guitar hero 5 on wii.

In the middle of this success, Alex Zitto decided to up and leave Nigeria because of the political impasse that followed the annulled June 12 election which nearly crippled the economy of the country including the music industry. He finally settled in USA where he still resides.

Known to play different instruments like drums, bass guitar, guitar & keyboards, Alex Zitto is the founder and President of TIYGGI (Talent is Your God Given Industry) Inc., a state-of-the-art recording studio which is situated in Minnesota. The studio’s primary goal is to groom young talents into world-class performers and also nuture artists to reach their full potential beyond their limitations.


You can also listen to samples of new songs by Alex Zitto on his website. He hasn’t lost his touch.

Download Alex Zito – Baby Walakolombo