It would be a crime not to feature the Zigima Master  – Bright Chimezie a.k.a Okoro Junior on the top 50. But it is not on the mere coincidence that he is as old as the independent motherland, Nigeria (he was born on October 1, 1960) that this song was chosen. Rather it is because of the sheer creativity and quality of ‘African Style’.

Zigima means Ozi I ga-ama in Igbo language which means the message you ought to know. On ‘African Style’, the underlining message is that we should proud of being African and appreciate what God has given us. This serious message is surrounded with so much humour and creativity as Bright tells us of his 1st visit in 1974 to the whiteman’s land in which he brings along his own African food and how the whiteys thought he was performing magic due to the ‘swallowing Eba with Ogbono soup’ act. Whe he tells them it’s not magic, they kept shouting ‘POLICE-E-AY! The Black man wey dey here is committing SUICIDE’. I love this song.

The last born in the line up of seven children – 3 men & 4 women, Bright started as a member of the church choir. An indigene of Umuahia, Abia State and a strong believer and promoter of his culture, Bright got signed to Rogers All Stars Recording Company, Onitsha in 1984 and he is still with the label till date.

His latest album (2010)  is called  “Because of Englishand he’s still very much into music. He is happily married with four boys and a girl and now spends most of his time in the East while still travelling everywhere for shows & performance (the most notable one was his Abuja performance for the Queen in 2003 ).

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Peep the audio and video below.

Download Bright Chimezie – African Style