Evi-Edna Ogholi, an indigene of Isoko Local Government, Delta State grew up and schooled in Port Harcourt where her father was an Anglican Church Reverend. She got a job as an actress with NTA Port-Harcourt after finishing her secondary school.

In 1985, she decided to pursue music professionally and got registered with PMAN (Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria). She also played her demo for Producer Emma Ogosi who was also the PMAN Secretary-General @ the time. He became her Manager and secured a deal for her with Polydor Nigeria where she dropped her 1989 debut album and hit song “Happy Birthday”. She was Emma Ogosi would later become her husband and then ex-husband.

The reggae infused “Happy Birthday” with its cheesy but very creative lines ‘Silver or gold have I not/So I give my token gifts/They call this one thing, call this cheap/But I know you will appreciate’became the most popular birthday song in Nigeria. It pushed Stevie Wonder’s into retirement and a party wasn’t complete if the track didn’t get played repeatedly. Children & Adults alike rocked to the song.

She became widely celebrated in the male dominated Reggae genre and was dubbed the Queen of Nigerian Reggae with brilliant guitar play over her songs. Evi-Edna often sang softly and romantically in Isoko language and often Non-Nigerians dubbed her songs as the Lovers Rock genre. Even though her contract with Polydor didn’t get renewed due to claims that her album wasn’t successful enough, she would go on to drop 2 more albums “On The Move” and “Peace In the World” on Premier Nigeria in the early 90s and re-establish her prominence throughout West Africa.

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A national tour of Nigeria followed, sponsored by the Pepsi soft drink company and she also headlined a lot of other shows by  Benson & Hedges and Star. Her songs were always laced with positive messages and in some cases very educative like “Look Before You Cross”. Her other hits were “Jealousy”, “Ririovara (Dry Your Tears)”, “Ujiro” and “Oghene Me”

Her marriage with Emma hit the rocks and she was said to have travelled to Cote d’Ivore. She now lives in France and little is known about what she’s up to.

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