Naija ‘Slay Queen’ Used For Money Rituals As Maggots Discharges From Her Va*ina (Photos+Video)

This is what is called a slay queen has been slain.A lot of ladies are now living their lives on social media and calling themselves slay queens with most of them portraying ‘fake’ lifestyle just for the ‘likes’ and ‘comments’.

They live and have unnecessary competition among themselves on social media as they are seen going extra miles to oust their competitors.

A Nigerian slay queen met her untimely death by falling into the hands of  Ritualists  as called in Nigeria.


This beautiful young vibrant slay queen just lost her life and it is a sad moment for her family and friends. I hope all potential slay queens and young ladies out there, will know that by now Boys are not smiling when it comes to making money this 2018.