Download Professor JohnBull Season 1 Episode 7(S01E07) – Baby and Bomboi Mp4 PC, Utorrent, Avi, Subtitles, Mobile, High Quality, Full Episode, Watch Online


Does the sex of a child determine how far the child will go in life? Is a male child more important than the female child? Given the same affection and care, will the girl-child thrive like her male counterpart? These and many more are the posers to be addressed on Episode 7 of the scintillating TV drama series, Professor Johnbull, sponsored by the grandmaster of data, Globacom, this Tuesday. Tagged Baby Bomboi, Episode 7 chronicles the sundry discriminatory acts against the girl-child and the widespread predilection for boys in a patriarchal society like Nigeria. Click to watch and enjoy. It will address yet another germane socio-cultural issue in the Nigerian society. Catch subsequent episodes 8.30 p.m on NTA Network, NTA International on DSTV Channel 251 and NTA on StarTimes. How does Athan, acted by Stan Kamandi, receive the news of the birth of his fifth consecutive girl? How will the prescient, voluble and magisterial Professor Johnbull react to this societal bane? What will be the reactions of the regular members of the cast to the plight of the girl-child? Find out as Baby Bomboi is unraveled as Episode 7 of Professor Johnbull.

Download Professor JohnBull Season 1 Episode 7(S01E07) – Baby and Bomboi