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See Why Get Help Worldwide Will Last Longer Than MMM

Get help worldwide remains the best and most secure platform to invest your money in without any panic. Just like in MMM, you can conveniently grow your money by up to 50% (bitcoin) or 30% (direct to your local bank account) within a 30day period.

Get Help Worldwide has a dynamic platform that is interactive and easy to understand. You can even see members’ status as they provide help and get help in real-time as well as view testimonials right from your dashboard. It is has been launched using the best cutting edge technology.

After Providing Help and Getting Help (during the 30-day window), another help must be provided within 72 hours in order to keep the system running continuously. Those who fail to comply are automatically blocked from the system. This prevents the system from collapsing when people stop Providing Help all of a sudden.

The Maximum Help one can provide is N2m ($5000 for Bitcoin users). This feature prevents misuse of the platform by super-wealthy people who only seek to use it as a business avenue to grow their income. Someone who donates N200m for instance, will be aiming to get N260m after 30days. These type of people will only participate once and by the time they leave the system with that huge amount of money, a lot of people will become stranded as the volume of people who now need help will exceed those who are providing help. Get Help Worldwide has blocked this by setting a Provide Help Limit to avoid the system being abused by the rich and influential people.

In order to place everyone at an equal pace, the Auto Provide Help Minimum Balance is a feature that automatically makes the last Help you offered your next Provide Help Balance. For instance, if you successfully Provide Help of N100000, the sum of N100000 will automatically become the minimum balance you can Provide Help with next time. Once you have received Help and you want to place another request to Provide Help, you CANNOT place any offer less than the previous N100000 you previously offered. It is either you Provide Help with same balance or you increase it. Also, if you do increase it to, let’s say, N150000, after you receive help, your next Provide Help CANNOT go below N150000.
This system ensures that nobody puts in a huge amount today and then puts a very low amount next month after receiving big amount from the previous help provided. These limits on the platform will keep the community stable and healthy. Your last offer becomes your minimum Provide Help balance on Get Help Worldwide.

4. 100% SECURITY:
The Website is SSL Enabled (https://).
Once your Bank account details have been entered for the first time, it can no longer be changed either by you or anyone who steals your password. To change your bank account details, you have to contact support.

Get Help Worldwide goes a step further by introducing ratings and credit scores. This ensures all active participants have 100% scores from the moment they join the Community. However, each time you default, you lose some percentage from your Credibility Score and anytime the moment it drops to 0% your account will be blocked permanently. In the same manner, your Credibility Score also increases when you are doing the right thing on the platform. (No Inactive Members are Allowed).

No Central Account into which your money is sent to. All members DONATE directly to each other’s personal accounts.

In a bid to keep Get Help Worldwide as stable as possible, they have disallowed the concept of Guiders. This means no Huge Sums of money is donated unnecessarily to people who do absolutely nothing.

As soon as you have Provided Help and also Received Help on the 30th day, participants have a maximum of 3 days (72 hours) to place another Request to Provide Help. Failure to do this will result in blocking and banning of the erring accounts. This will stop people from being idle and withdrawing only bonuses without participating in helping others. It is a move that will further strengthen the system and allow only serious and sincere members.

All these features make Get Help Worldwide a viable program in which you can donate and receive money with peace of mind. Why not join today and be part of the early starters of this safe and fantastic money-making platform

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