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Paradise Payment Nigeria (PPN) is platform developed by rich minded people to create legitimate means of generating wealth for everyone. PPN is strictly a member to member donation platform whereby members make direct donation to another member without including any third party.
Members are not mandatory to refer people before they get paid but to help the donation community, it is highly important to tell people around you about this golden opportunity and more so referring people will boost your position and reputation within the community. People who refer many users get paid faster that a dormant member.

Givers Never Lack, Thats Just the truth
Donate N1500 for start at Bronze Package and earn up to N640000
Donate N5000 for start at Silver Package and earn up to N1280000(i will advice you to go for the silver package)
Dont say it isnt real, just try it, and you become one of the living testimonies.


Level 1 (N5000 Donation)
Donate N5,000 to a member and you get four members to donate N5000 to you = N20,000. Members will be automatically generated to you by the system and not necessarily those you referred.
Level 2 (N10,000 Donation)
Donate N10,000 to a member and you get sixteen members to donate N10,000 to you = N160,000, just at the second level, at this level, referring more members will give your username a kind of high preference of quick allocation of donors.

Level 3 (N20,000 Donation)
Donate N20,000 to a member and you get 32 members to donate N20,000 to you = N640,000, referring more members will give your username a kind of high preference of quick allocation of donors.

Paradise Payment Nigeria Practice to Get Paid

  1. Ensure you already have the money you which to donate. (You can start with N1,500, N3000 N5,000, N10,000 or N20,000).
  2. Click to join Paradise Payment Nigeria and filled the required fields.
  3. Submit the form. Login to you member area by clicking on Login from top Menu.
  4. From your Members Area, click on ‘Payment Info’ from the ‘Member’s Menu’.
  5. Fill in your bank details and click submit. (This is very important)
  6. To make donation, click on ‘Donate Now!’ from the Member Menu
  7. Select the amount you wish to start with and click Donate
  8. Now click on pending payment to find information of the member you are to paid to.
  9. Contact the person and make payment to his account within 12 working hours (if not weekend)
  10. Once the person approved your payment to his account, you will become a Pro Member and will be marched to People to pay you.


Please note that people that you may receive people that will pay you within 24 hours and at times it may take up to 10 days. Report to the site admin if you don’t have people to pay you within 10 days of your registration.



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