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Introducing Electroneum: The First British Cryptocurrency

Many People Became Millionaires💷💸 because of the growth of Bitcoin; when 1 Bitcoin was $0.25 and Now it is over $5,500!

NOW we have Another chance at a HUGE opportunity!!

This is the first ever British coin started in UK. It came out last month. They are doing Bonus coins all month long!! IF YOU haven’t seen this then Get it NOW

~ SEE Why Below…..👇

It’s @0.01 right now so for every $1 you get 110 coins. $10 will give you 1100 coins.$1 is equal to 110 coins etc. It all depends on what you can afford.

Sign up Here!! You’ll get an additional 1% Bonus from me too!

Don’t pass this up. It also has its own app and will mined by games played in the app. There’s a 10% bonus on coins you buy.

WHY Electroneum?💎💎

👉Duncan Logan the CEO of #RocketSpace A Long Time Investor of #Bitcoin and Ethereum.

But he said #Electroneum will be the First ICO he will ever Invest in!

👉Big #Investors Like Uber, IBM, Spotify and Hootsuite..

👉#Electroneum is First coin to be Created in the UK!

👉The Most user friendly Coin Powered by an App!

👉Focused on the Mobile Game and Gambling Industry Will be Massive!

👉You can Mine Electroneum on your App by playing Games!

👉A Decentralize Blockchain with a Centralized App!

👉Fastest transactions i’ve ever seen; 2 secs

👉#Electroneum is starting at a Penny!

👉App is Ready and Live for Downloads on Andriod.

👉They Started Giving Coins on 14th September and 31st October They Close With Bonuses!

👉You Have Chance Of Getting 10% OFF For Bulk Coins Purchased!

👉$0.01 Per Coin ( Bitcoin, ETH ,USD CASH,EURO,GBP BRITISH POUND ) Accepted!


Sign up Here

This will have its OWN SECURE WALLET!!! It’s OWN Blockchain! Capitalizing on the Mobile Market and Gaming Industry!~!

10% BONUS Special + 1% Bonus from ME! Throughout October …

NOTE🚧: ALL bonuses end this month..

I just invested in a little amount in Electroneum!!! I don’t know what it’s future will be but I am willing to be a part of its future.

An investment of $10 bitcoin (less than N4,000) will give you over 1000 ETN. If all it can reach in the next 1-2 years is $1, you will be having a $1,000. The more you invested, the better.


Sign up Here

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