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See how 50 Cent mocks Conor McGregor on Instagram after losing to Floyd Mayweather

Conor McGregor had beef with a lot of different high-profile individuals in the build-up to his fight against Floyd Mayweather, most notably Paulie Malignaggi and Mayweather himself.

Another person he managed to p*** off was none other than US rapper 50 Cent.

During the pre-fight event in New York, McGregor took an unprovoked pop at the ‘In Da Club’ star in his home city.

“What’s up New York city?” McGregor screamed. “50 Cent’s a b****.”

“You and 50 are two fake money bi**es,” he then said to Mayweather. “He’s bankrupt and you’re about to be.”

50 Cent reacted to this insult by posting a series of very funny posts on Instagram.

Old Fiddy sure does have a good sense of humour.

However, he saved arguably his best posts for fight night.

First of all, he compared McGregor ‘hugging’ Mayweather to the classic Titanic scene involving Jack and Rose.

50 wrote: “What the f*** is going on. 👀 ok Floyd just knock this fool out. #50centralbet“.


He then produced this banger…

“I know, I know you want a rematch,” 50 continued. “Don’t worry you might get us next time but for now. It’s back to burning the money like the joker in the BANK💰💰💵💰💰LOL“


And then he posted a photo of McGregor taking a hard punch from Mayweather, adding: “And this is for calling me a bitch. LOL 😆#50centralbet. Knocked the snot out your ass. 😂“



Who knew 50 was such a savage?

And then he posted this…

“Lol 😆😆😆😆😆😆tell me why you mad son. #50centralbet”




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