This Morning, Housemate, Teddy A exposed his private part, while he was in the luxury suite with his former strategic partner, the current head of house, BamBam.

See the Photo Here.

He has since been trending on Social Media, as many Nigerians have taken to the platform to share their views on the incident.

While some say, he is blessed down below, but not as blessed as Bitto, others think, it is small, and not “neat”.

See some comments below…

@Kayore : No wonder bambam want to die there

@Big_finisher“When you are endowed just as Teddy A you have to be confident. Now I know why every lady in that house wants a piece of Teddy A,man is loaded”

@babyenhle“That pic of Teddy A’s private part is body shaming why would someone pause their DSTV to take such aii”

@Michael: “Pictures are not right for his personality outside the house

@Emma: “TEDDY A is a blessed child, the hand of God is upon u TEDDY A and bambam

@BigBrotherF“I need a man like Teddy A bikinu, only bambam can’t be enjoying what I saw in between his legs”

@Mbalen: “Not a Teddy A fan but I personally don’t like the pub that’s going around SM why would someone pause their TV to take such

@Chichi“Teddy A keep entertaining us, we are solidly behind you till the end.”

@Ahamefule“TEDDY A BABA, who God has blessed, No one can CURSE, you are blessed indeed.”

@BigBNaija3“Teddy A is the face of BBN 2018, Even his third leg trends all over Nigeria,that is phenomenal baba

@minnie: ”My poor in law. This happens to every man in the morning. The muscle stretches and clearly those pants won’t making it easy…so when adjusting the pants…the Cameraman was wide awake

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@Fatunbu: “Pls someone tell me that’s not the carrots bambam ate and likes because if that is it..I rest my case”

@rofhi: “Lmao Big brother… atleast give warning onscreen