Nearly a month ago, Nigerian rapper, Phyno held his annual ‘Phynofest Concert‘ in Enugu which sold out as thousand showed up to watch the rapper perform.

Just last night a tweet went viral on Twitter of how at least 20 girls were raped at the event – Twitter user, @obuteaku1, tweeted:

‘Girls who paid money to attend a music show were raped. In a stadium, full of people… Girls were raped. Girls are not safe anywhere, crowded or deserted. And you tell me men are not scum’.

She went on to say, ‘Over 20 girls were raped. The ones that are confirmed o‘.

Phyno Reacts

In reaction to the claims, the rapper took to the platform to share how the stadium was heavily guarded at the time and how it almost would’ve been impossible for such to happen.

His tweets:

Some hoodlums that tried to Harass girls and other people off their belongings were arrested and some are still in custody till now

The event wouldn’t hold if we can’t guarantee d safety of the fans that came tru . And this is coming up a month after d event.. How come ?

New investigations are goin in now and I will update everyone here. ❤️