IT Developer Ladi who’s based in Lagos got a new iPhone 7 as Christmas gift from his girlfriend.

And the first thing another guy said in reaction is; “is it a crime if I get this kind of girlfriend?” Lol!

Funny but the truth is that everyone cannot operate at the same level, at the same time. That will not happen. You know why? A woman just bought her husband a car after 15 years of marriage. But a lady got a car for her fiance recently, even before they got married.
Another man just bought a car for his wife after three years, both a guy gave his fiancee a car as gift for her birthday. There are others who will still do much more than this, in their own time.

It’s not necessary to say since it happened to him or her now, it must happen to me too.

Just learn to live in your own time and all will be beautiful. #Life