It is not a rumor anymore – new Nokia phones will be announced within next year’s first half. And I’m not talking about feature phones advertised for their waterproof keypad and their flashlight. These will be Nokia-branded smartphones of a new generation.

Nokia might have failed to upgrade when iPhone and Android phones were revolutionizing the cell phone industry, before Microsoft kicked their right ass out of business. But this time, they are coming out strong, strengthen with more strategies on how to capture what they lost to infidel mobile industries.

Things You Should Know About The Forth Coming Nokia Devices.

>> Nokia aren’t coming from the same company that brought us the N-series, PureView and the iconic Nokia 3310

>> The Nokia brand name has been licensed to HMD Global Oy, who will be in charge of developing Nokia phones and tablets for the next 10 years. Meanwhile, manufacturing will be handled by the Taiwanese Foxconn – the same company that Apple hires to make iPhones

>>From speculations, more Nokia smartphones will be announced  2017

>>Two Nokia smartphones running Android OS are expected to be launched early 2017

>> It is believed that the upcoming Nokia’s may run a largely bloat-free, near-stock version of Android.

>>The two Nokia phones might be made of metal on the outside, with flat sides and a humpy back, capacitive keys and a fingerprint reader under the screen.

Note: these are mere speculations and has not been officially confirmed.