Fans of former pair, “MINA” are slamming Big Brother Naija Housemate, Tobi after he called his fellow housemate, Nina, a “Left Over food”.

Yesterday, when Biggie gave the housemates, baby dolls to cater for, so as to have a sense of responsibility.. Of course, the housemates are having a difficult time catering for the dolls, as the “sounds” of a crying baby could pop up anytime… Anto was yesterday, got pissed at first, but then, what can she do? She’s in biggie’s house.

Tobi Bakre calls Nina

Fast forward to this morning, Tobi while having a conversation with Nina called her a “left over food”, but a very calm Nina ignored him and walked away.


Nigerians who apparently seem to love Nina took to social media to come for Tobi…

Tobi Bakre
Tobi Bakre

A Twitter user wrote, @BeingMrsA wrote; “Tobi has guts to call Nina “Leftover Food” but cannot deal with ceec . Nina will be the last girl standing #bbnaija”

@MRme_chizzy wrote; “Tobi thank you for calling NIna a “left over food” her own is food but you are a “left over mumu” a disgrace to manhood.wasted sperm.#BBNAIJA”

@bbn_talkative wrote; “Tobi you would pay for calling our NINA a left over food.😠#BBNaija”

@gwealth66 wrote; “#bbnaija yesterday Ahneeka defended Nina when tobi insulted her… So today I’m hearing tobi calling Nina left over food..haba”

Ngozi Peace Alexandra Akubueze on Facebook wrote; “So, Tobi called Nina “left over food”, issorait. Dear Tobi, I’m just sorry on your behalf. Sexist much? 😒😒 Mtcheww, my new bestie is Teddy A biko #BBNaija”

‎Ogechi Ohalee Jaiyesimi‎ wrote on Facebook; “Tobi has guts to call Nina “Leftover Food” but cannot deal with ceec . Nina will be the last girl standing #bbnaija”

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‎Keitumetse Mogapi-mosito wrote; “Left over?It takes one to knw one,so Tobi is Ceec’s left over,he was just explaining him to us,,,Nina rules”