2017 Big Brother Naija winner Efe Money, is done with all the hate he has been getting since leaving the house and launching his music career.

The Jos-born Warri boy, who recently dropped his EP which he title ‘AM SORRY AM WINNING’, took to Twitter to promote but of course met with a lot of criticism, criticism that came with hateful words.

He recently declared on his Instagram, that he’s released back-to-back hit single, but what some followers had in response for him, isn’t funny. [See the details of that here]f


Here are some of his tweets ;

So @theNETng that has been publishing derogatory articles about my music overtime because, their columnist doing the reviews said we were not communicating with him i.e because Efe couldn’t grant him an interview.. so automatically my songs are bad…

I went for a competition and i won by all means, so i understand the bitterness…if you couldn’t bring me down then you can’t now keep trying

For all those saying they regret voting for me, i entertained you and your money expired the day the show ended

Most of you have found fun in commenting negatives without ever listening, while others stay mute when the truth is too glaring. My music is great and i know it… i no need any approval… time will tell